Does Warrantimall Offers Original And Genuine Product ?  

Yes! At Warrantimall we focus on offering our clients 100% original and genuine products.


How Do I Place An Order ?  

Once you have discovered the item you need to purchase on warrantimall, simply follow the means:

  • Tap on ‘Purchase Now’ to add this item to your cart
  • Tap on cart ” in the upper right corner
  • Login into your existing account by entering your Email and password or Register an


  • Enter your shipping/billing information guaranteeing your location is done and precise
  • Then pick your preferred available payment option
  • Payment on Delivery
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cryptocurrency/WRANT TOKEN(unavailable at the moment)
  • Then click on ‘Confirm order’ to complete your order


Do I Need To Show Any Means of Identification When Collecting My Prepaid 


Yes. Please you have to show your ID to the delivery associate /get station. It can be your

Driver’s License, Voters Card, Work ID or your Passport.


Can Someone Pickup My Prepaid Package On My Behalf? 

Yes. It would be ideal if you guarantee your delegate has your tracking number.


Would I Be Able To Still Return My Prepaid Package?

Yes. We will refund you 100% of the cost of the item plus your shipping fee as we are committed

in offering a standard 14 day return policy. To find out more about our return and refund policy,

go to https://www.warrantimall.com .


How Do I Make Payment On Warrantimall? 

Please kindly choose our different payment methods that are available on warrantimall

Payment on Delivery

Credit/Debit Card

Cryptocurrency/WRANT TOKEN (unavailable at the moment)

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service for support or more information…

How Do I Cancel My Order?

To cancel your order, go to ‘contact us’, click on cancel my order and fill out the detail of the

order you intend to cancel.


Will I Receive All Items In My Order At Once?

You may get items in your order independently, in light of the fact that they are sold by various

merchants and we ship as quickly as items become available.


How Can I Return My Products? 

To return any product purchased on Warrantimall, guarantee the product is in accordance with

the conditions in the Return Policy. All things have free protection inclusion against theft and

damage during transit. And follow the steps below to return your items:

Stage 1: Log in to return your request

Step 1: Go to ‘Contact us’ and fill out the ‘return’ form.

Step 2: Pack your items and make sure they meet the return conditions. Incorporate all tags,

accessories or free gifts (if any) you received with it.

Step 3: Our agent will come and pick up the intending return item


Can I Pick Up My Item At The Pickup Station Myself? 

Yes. No delivery charges will apply. We will notify you once the sellers deliver it at the selected

pickup station. Order will be cancelled after 7days if there is any failure to pick your items at the

proposed station.


Do I Need An Account To Shop On WarrantiMall?  

Yes, you need an account to successfully shop on warrantimall. Registration doesn’t take more

than 30 seconds, and you can as well login with your Social media account


How Fast Can I Get My Order? 

Orders are delivered based on location and the kind of the products ordered. You can check for

more information on our delivery option.


What Should I Do If My Invoice Is Not Received?

Contact us at our customer service if invoice is not received.


How Can My Orders Be Tracked? 

We will send you an updates about the status of your request by means of messages and SMS.

When your request has left our stockroom, you can follow its status by entering your following

number on https://www.warantimall.com


How Do I Place An Order? 

Once you have discovered the item you need to purchase on warrantiMall simply follow the means

  • Tap on ‘Buy Now’ to add this item to your cart

  • Tap on ‘cart ‘ in the upper right corner

  • Login into your existing account by entering your Email and password or Register an account

Enter your shipping/billing information guaranteeing your location is done and precise

  • Then pick your preferred available payment option

  • Payment on Delivery

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Cryptocurrency/Wrant token(unavailable at the moment)

  • Then click on ‘Confirm order’ to complete your order


How Do I Know If My Order Is Successful?

Once your order is placed, we will either automatically confirm it by notifying you via Email/SMS, or we will call you for confirmation in case we need more details, It would be ideal if you take note of that this confirmation is an obligatory advance before we ship your order.

What Should I Do If My Payment Is Successful And I Didn’t Receive Any Order Confirmation Message?

If by chance you are uncertain of whether your request has been confirmed or not, kindly get in touch with us here a couple of hours after your order placement or Please visit our customer service line or social media help center for help.

How Fast Can I Get My Order?

Orders are delivered based on location and the kind of the products. You can check for more information on our delivery option.

What should I do if my invoice for order is not received?

Contact us at our customer service if invoice is not received.

How Can My Orders Be Tracked?

We will send you ordinary updates about the status of your request by means of messages and SMS. When your request has left our stockroom, you can follow its status by entering your following number on https://www.warantimall.com

What Should I Do If I Didn’t See My Order?

You can track your order by your tracking number but should Incase there is any error of late delivery please contact our customer service for complains as soon as possible, as fast delivery is our watchword.

Why Do Warrantimall Sell Same Products At Different Price?

It is because our products are sold by different sellers, giving you the opportunity to choose your preferred seller except you are buying directly on the platform from the manufacturer for local made products.

Do Warrantimall Offers Original And Genuine Product ? 

Yes. At Warrantimall we focused on offering our clients 100% original and genuine products .

How Do I Check For Review And Rating Of Product On Warrantimall?

It is important to check for reviews and ratings of a product in order to know more about the product.

Where Can I Locate The Warranty Service Centers?

You can locate the service center details on the website, on your warranty card that comes with your product, should incase there is no warranty card you can use the manual or the product packaging for more info. And you can also visit our customer service call center for any issue.

Do All Products On Warrantimall Come With Warranty?

No, it depends on the product you are getting and the buyer you are buying from, but warrantimall makes sure that warranty is offered on all local made products.

How Do I Know If A Product Comes With Warranty?

You can check the product to know if it comes with a warranty before ordering for it.

When Will Warranty For My Products Start And End?

The warranty period will start counting immediately from the day of delivery.

What If I Order For A Warranty Product And I Didn’t Get A Warranty Card?

You can Contact our customer service for help to correct any errors.

What Should I Do If I Lost My Warranty Card?

Warranty can be claimed by warrantimall’s invoice, even if you lost your warranty card.

Does Warrantimall Delivers Outside Lagos?

Yes, we deliver all across Nigeria. The vision to take over Africa market, a vision we are consistently and gradually working towards.

How Much Are The Delivery Charges?

Delivery charges depend as delivery charges on each product differs.

What Is The Estimated Delivery Time?

WarrantiMall offers a same day delivery policy on selected products and locations, while some deliveries take between one to five official days. Kindly check for other states HERE.

Does Warrantimall Deliver Internationally?

Yes, we offer delivery internationally. This made possible with our logistics partners


Can Someone Pickup My Prepaid Package On My Behalf?

Yes. It would be ideal if you guarantee your delegate has your tracking number.

Can I Pick Up My Item At The Pickup Station Myself?

Yes. No delivery charges will apply. We will notify you once the sellers deliver it at the selected pickup station. Order will be cancelled after 7days if there is any failure to pick your items at the proposed station.

How Can My Orders Be Tracked?

We will send you an updates about the status of your request by means of messages and SMS. When your request has left our stockroom, you can follow its status by entering your following number on https://www.warantimall.com

How Do I Cancel My Order? 

You can drop your request by reaching our Customer Service here.

DOES Warrantimall Offers Payment On Delivery Service All Across Nigeria

Yes, but depend on the product you are getting, but you will have to pay before delivery only if your product are shipped down from oversea .

Can My Item Be Delivered The Same Day I Order?

No, delivery depends on location. WarrantiMall offers a same day delivery policy on selected products and locations, while some deliveries take between one to five official days. Kindly check for other states HERE.

Does Delivery Time In A State Varies Across Its Different Cities?

Yes it does.

After I Have Placed An Order, Is It Possible To Change My Shipping Address?

Please visit our customer service center to request for the address of location you want your order to be delivered to.

What Should I Do If My Package Is Tampered With And Products Seal Is Broken On Delivery? 

Open package should be rejected immediately except for the case of faulty electronics, and such case should be reported immediately by visiting our customer service center

Will I Receive A Call From Someone Before Delivering The Package To My Location?

Definitely, our delivery agent will surely call to verify you before coming.

What Happen If I Miss My Delivery?

Your order will be re-arranged for you in the next working day. As we offer a 3 delivery trial before cancelling an order.

What About Warranty & Hidden Costs?

There are no additional assessments, concealed expenses or extra dispatch charges.

The cost referenced on the site is the last cost, what you see is the thing that you pay. Our prices are all inclusive; all taxes are included with the list prices.

What Should I Do If I Have Complaint On The Delivery Personnel That Came To Deliver Items To Me?

We are very sorry for any inconveniences that might have caused you, Please visit our customer service to lodge your complaints. We will definitely get