How It Works (Register In Under 5mins)

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Go to ‘’my account’’ on warrantimall home page

  • Click ‘’I am a vendor’’ option

  • Fill in the required information in the box.

  • Click register and move on to the next stage by clicking ‘’let’s go option’’

  • Fill in the required information in the box to setup your store

  • Press continue option to proceed to next step
  • Fill in the required information to setup your payment details

  • Click ‘’continue’’ button to proceed

  • After your registration it will give you an information stating ‘’your store is now ready’’, then go to your dashboard to access your account.

Warrantimall Quality Assurance (QA) For Sellers 

Warrantimall Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of checking products before they are delivered to the 
customers. This is done in order to avoid package, item size/color, goods not corresponding with the 
product description on warrantimall website, and fake products. QA must be carried out in order to 
reduce the number of returns and rejected products that can affect your store reputation.
  • Importance Of Quality Assurance
  • QA Guidelines For Packaging
  • QA For Phone/ Accessories
  • QA For Bags, Watches, Sun glasses And Perfumes
  • QA For Electronics
  • QA For Shoes
  • QA For Health And Beauty
It helps seller to build trust and reputation  
Helps to improve seller delivery success rate 
Help to reduce the rate at which product are being returned or declined 
And above all, it helps in building customers’ confidence in  Warrantimall 
the brand packaging of the item should be intact, not torn or scratched 
the items should be bubble wrap 
Wrapped tem should be placed inside box or inside warrantimall flier. 
Item should not be bigger than the box. 
Plain tape should be used to pack the item. 
the package should not be damaged 
box should not be too bigger than the item 
item in the box should not be too loose 
Item must be tightly wrapped. 
Slightly damaged item package will not be acceptable.
Mobile phone should be packaged and sealed. 
Opened and repacked sealed will not be acceptable. 
The phone product/accessories color must be the same as it is on website. 
Phone/accessories details must be the same as it is on the website.
All accessories in the phone box must complete.
The IMEI number on the box should be intact and not scratched.
Specification on website must be same as details on the accessory pack.
There should be no traces of usage.
Strap colour should be as same as ordered
Fragile parts should not be  loosed or broken
Dial design and sequence arrangement should match with the one on website.
Items should not be broken ,dirty or scratched
Product seals must not be broken and  it must not show any sign of usage
Brand name and colour must match the one on the website.
Quality and good brand of shoe must be supplied.
Loose stitching/ torn and stained shoe will be rejected.
Shoe must be good condition
Shoe color must be exactly the same as it is on the website
Shoes must be in matching pairs and there should be no trace of usage

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Do I Upload More Than One Product At Once?
  • How Can I be The Bestsellers And Improve My Product Rating?
  • How Is Product Rating And Review Important?
  • What Does It Mean For A Product To Be Rejected?
  • What Do I Do When Product Image Is Rejected?
  • Can I Sell Local Made Product On Warrantimall?
  • What Category Of Product Can I Sell On Warrantimall Platform?
  • What Happen If My Product Gets Rejected Based On Warranty Issue?
  • How Do I Become A Successful Seller On Warrantimall?
  • Is There Any Charge To Become Qualified?
  • How Will My Product Be More Visible To Customers?
  • How Can I Grow My Sales?
  • How Do I Ensure My Product Do Not Get Quality Control Rejected?
  • What Happen If My Product Got Rejected Stating ‘’Review Original Product’’?
  • What Category Of Product Can I Sell On Warrantimall Platform?
  • Can I Sell Local Made Product On Warrantimall?
  • What Do I Do If My Product Got Rejected Stating ‘Review And Revise Product Price’’?
  • What Are The Terms And Condition For Local Made Products’ Sellers?
  • How Do I Upload My Product?
You can sell as many products as you want; you just have to
upload one at a time.
By always fulfilling the terms on the contract
 between you and your customers.
Product description should be explanatory 
enough to give the customers all the
information about the product.
Product delivered should match 
product ordered 100%.
By uploading your product regularly
Consistently dropping off your orders
 within 48hrs.
Selling only original and quality products
Competitive pricing
Ratings and reviews give insight to customers
 about a product, which help in making decision. 
So, if you have good rating and reviews on your
product(s) there’s a better chance that there
will be high demand
for such product.
Product can be rejected if product does not
 meet our Quality control guidelines.
How do I ensure my product do not get
Quality Control rejected?
By following our QA

Review and check your product image again

for corrections of any errors stated on it.

Yes, warrantimall’s objective is to encourage the sales 
of local made products in Africa.

All categories of product listed on the website.

Please provide a valid warranty period for your product.
-Fill the Registration Form.
-provide your Business registration and 
bank account details.
-Read and accept our Seller Agreement.
No, but terms and condition apply. But you are advised 
to subscribe to premium, where warrantimall
helps you market your products for abundant sales.
Your product can be more visible when you 
market/advertise and direct it to the target 
customer, which you enjoy when you
subscribe to the premium.
Introduce new products
Check your competitor’s price and Set aggressive prices
Sell original product and give discount on them
Identify top selling products
Increase products assortment.

By following our QA

We only allow sales of original product. 

All categories of product listed on the website.

Yes, warrantimall’s objective is to encourage the
sales of local made products in Africa.

Please recheck and provide a valid price for your product 

Local made product must come with a warranty
Consumable product must have a NAFDAC REG NO.
The first step is to register a vendor’s account, 
then login to post your products, the steps are self