WarrantiServe is the arm of WarrantiMall that regulate, enforce and make sure that parties involved in buying and selling on WarrantiMall, online or offline, adhere to rules, regulations or terms of contract. It enforces high level of security, transparency, traceability, and accountability, and make sure that buyers and sellers fully enjoy the benefits of online/offline trade that WarrantiMall has to offer. WarrantiServe oversees the customers’ service and help create trust between buyers and manufacturers or sellers. It’s fully equipped to deliver the best customers’ service experience with quick response initiative. With WarrantiServe, you are covered!


Contact WarrantiServe:
  • For Dispute and Refund

  • When Your order is not delivered on time as agreed with your seller or manufacturer on your contract

  • When your order do not meet quality standard as expected or as stated in the contract

  • When you have Payment issues

  • For Warranty on products

  • For logistics

  • For feedbacks

For Any Complaints: